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litlone873 03-06-2006 3:02 PM

Does anyone know where I can find a pair of board shorts that are made for a WOMAN's curvy body? Basically, I'm looking for a board short that has a waist rather then being a hippster. Trust me, no one wants to see my belly button! <BR> <BR>I am having difficulty finding anything that fits right. There are so many online companies out there, but I can't afford to pay shipping (to and from) for a bazillion pairs that don't fit and have to be sent back.

bakesonlinecom 03-07-2006 9:24 PM

I would hit up any good local board shop in your area...they should have shorts for women that would work well for you. <BR> <BR>Zack Clark <BR><a href="http://www.BakesOnline.com" target="_blank">www.BakesOnline.com</a> <BR><a href="http://www.WakeboardNorthwest.com" target="_blank">www.WakeboardNorthwest.com</a>

knelems 03-08-2006 4:46 AM

Renee, <BR>Have you tired the guy's shorts.They fit me at the waist instead of hanging on the hips.I have noticed stocking the Billabong &amp; Hurley in the girls that the Hurley's run larger.

litlone873 03-08-2006 8:56 AM

I haven't tried men's shorts, mainly because they are usually longer and since I am only 5' tall, they would end up being down to my knees or lower. <BR> <BR>I will check out the girls Hurley brand and see what I can find.

tcluv85 03-08-2006 4:00 PM

Roxy has a decent line. But I think (and several on this board would agree with me) that the industry is missing good women board shorts. <BR> <BR>GOod Luck, let us know what you find that fits well for you. I wear Foxriders for guys. The girls seem to ride up.

criswb 03-08-2006 5:19 PM

Try the men's shorts.. if you find one that you like the way it fits, but its too long, have it cut! Thats what I usually have to do to all my jeans and pants (I dont wear mens, but Im short so I have to trim girls too)

yelle 03-09-2006 8:51 AM

Renee, I pref any oneill shorts to any other brand. They tend to sit right where I need them too, even after 3 c-sections. Roxy's always run a lot smaller and the oneill one's are usually true to size. I have found a pretty good selection at killerdana.com and if you want to go to a store, I usually find a good selection at Gottschalks and Pacfic Sun. If you have a Pac Sun, try their Kirra brand in mens, they tend to be shorter in length then the name brands. Good Luck. <BR>Daniell

litlone873 03-09-2006 9:02 AM

This is all good information, THANK YOU I will be at the Sac Boat show this weekend and hope to check out some shorts in the "clothing" section. I'll also check out Pac Sun and the brands other you have all mentioned. <BR> <BR>

litlone873 03-12-2006 10:21 AM

Well, I went shopping yesterday and FINALLY found a pair of boardshorts! I ended up at Surf &amp; Skate and found a pair of mens Volcom boardshorts. They are black with tiny gray polka dots with red accents in the logo and lining. I will be able to have them hemmed to the exact length that looks best. <BR> <BR>Now, if I can just find an underwire swim tank top that goes with it!

criswb 03-13-2006 6:40 AM

Try looking at specialized womens swimsuit stores... Last time I was in the states I think i saw one called swim and sport at a mall. They had alll kinds of swimsuits for women

vdubb 03-13-2006 11:37 AM

okay...your going to laugh...but try Marshall Fields old ladies bathing suit section...no kidding. Last summer I was breast feeding my son and couldn't find anything to give me support for water activities...my husband was looking around while I was trying on suits from the regular section and hit the jackpot in the old ladies section. They actually had some "younger looking" items...what was nice is that they sold separates so I didn't have to buy a whole ensamble...the pieces I liked were from Donna Karen and Nautica. Hope this helps.

wakegrace 07-02-2007 9:17 AM

ive got some 1080's that stay up really well...they might be guys shorts...lol my friend bought them for me....they are black w/ hot pink 1080 splash printed up the leg. the only thing i dont like is the way they close. but its easily taken care of. so i still recommend them

shellyrn 07-02-2007 11:03 AM

Hey Renee, I feel your pain!!! This has been one of my biggest gripes for the past couple of years. I have found only a couple of womens shorts that actually fit. I found a pair at the local Vans store, and before that the longer Oneills fit fairly well, though. I have finally thrown the towel in and started wearing the guys shorts. The Oneill Superfreaks are sooooo comfortable, they have the 4way stretch lycra and yes they are long, but you can get them hemmed or do it yourself!! Well worth it to be comfy on the boat!! And for tops... I am pretty busty on top and I have started wearing the Victorias Secret tops, alot of them have the underwires and provide fairly good support! Good Luck!!

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