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lchamaschuk 07-23-2002 1:59 PM

I've been trying to get the heelside 180 for forever it seems. I'm just trying over one wake for starters. I can get the board around, but I'm landing falling back on my butt/head, so my weight isn't forward enough. I've tried a few things, like pulling the rope to my hip and looking at the shore, but I'm still landing the same way. Any suggestions on how to get my weight forward?

chris_hargis 07-23-2002 2:33 PM

What I have found is that when I would try and start the spin too early, I would get off axis and wipe out. Make sure you get the jump first, then the spin and you should stay more over the board. How are you at riding switch? This is important because you are landing switch and if you are not comfortable yet, then it makes it that much harder. Ride as much as possible switch to get comfortable, and then you will find it easier to land the 180. Hope this helps.

boarder4life 07-23-2002 2:49 PM

i don't know if you had tried this already but try going switch to regular, it would be easy to land in regular

lchamaschuk 07-23-2002 4:42 PM

I'm very comfortable riding switch - that's not a concern for me. The problem is that I'm not even landing over my board properly to even try riding switch! I'll try to delay the spin, although that sounds easier said than done. Thanks.

eas 07-26-2002 11:35 AM

This may be a little late, but.... <BR>If you ride left foot forward: After you let go with your left hand and start to spin, try twisting your wrist so that your right hand is in the "thumbs down" position. This should force your elbow, shoulder, and head forward over the toeside edge of the board. Remember, where your head goes, your body will follow. Good Luck!

lchamaschuk 07-26-2002 5:47 PM

Thanks, I'll try that. Unfortunately every time I land backwards on a 180 I reinjure the nerve in my arm and can't board for a few days!

stussy 07-29-2002 12:32 PM

I had the same problem with this trick - took forever to stop falling backward. What finally got it for me was this tip.. Let go with your front hand and pretend you are putting the handle in your back pocket. Same thumbs down hand position mentioned above - but I found it much easier to get weight over the toeside of the board by pretending to stuff it in my back pocket. <BR> <BR>Oh - and you only need a few inches of air to do this trick if you are doing it off one wake. <BR> <BR>Anyways <BR>Hope this helps a bit.

forcash97 07-31-2002 8:05 PM

I just today learned how to finally stick my 180. My friend finally gave me some advice that worked. Everytime I went to land i would hold on for like a second then I would slide out, which is what I think you are doing. The next ride he told me to try putting my weight on my toes instead of on your heels. And sure enough I stuck my 180 5 times in a row. So the best advice I can give you that works is when you land put weight on your toes so you dont slide out. I hope it helps. Post back with your results from my tip.

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