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krizzpy 07-22-2002 11:25 PM

Im thinking of buying a board for my friend for his birthday and iw as thinking of buying him a Nash Hydroslide Matrix anyone ever heard of it? I think there selling one on boaters world...the guy i was talking to said it was a good beginer board. But i have no idea. he wants to learn to wakeboard and i just started so im not much help. so can someone tell me if this is an alright board or anything like that?

garvej 07-24-2002 10:33 AM

DO NOT BUY A NASH BOARD. I had one and only had troubles with it...I first went through 3 pairs of bindings from them in one year - they were all covered under warranty, but the bindings went bad at the beginning of a weekend, and I lost a whole weekend of riding. Just this year, I pulled out an insert that holds the bindings in, and the whole board is only made of foam...Nothing else...get you friend a better board. He will be more appreciative.

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