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brianthomas 07-22-2002 11:13 PM

Ok, i have tried different methods. I used to cut hard in the beginning but it would get too much slack in the rope and it was all wrong. I watched detention like 10 times to try to get it. I still do it wrong i think. I pull out and try to wait out there cuz they say to do it slow. Now do i round or just kinda lean into it and get on edge. Well theres another problem. This guy told me to put all my weight on the front foot when turning. It always feels like i can't get the rope tight early enough so i can't load it. Ahhhh someone help me with this progression, i want to get better. I got the board, handle, rope, and pylon, i want to start putting it to better use.

chris_hargis 07-23-2002 1:39 PM

What I do is this: I head out pretty agressive till I am in position for the turn. Then I let the board go staright and turn my body till I am sitiing equal on both legs. Then I start the turn and lean back to edge. Hold that edge as you approach the wake and then stand tall when you hit it. Keep edging through the wake. Hope this helps you.

super_hoetoe 07-24-2002 10:03 AM

I have also found that it helps not cut out 100% of the way from the boat. If I cut out only 2/3 to 3/4 of the way, there is still a lot of tension in the rope, and still have enough room to get a lot of acceleration into the wake with a good cut. I ride parallel with the boat for a second, then I just lean on the board (pretty even footed) to start the turn gradually, but as soon as the board turns, I start cutting hard. Something to try....

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