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scoot 07-19-2002 10:41 PM

I dont know what the problem is. I edge all the way throught the wake i set my edge and i build up sped but no matter how hard i try i always end up on either the inside of the 2nd wake or right on top of it , but I never make it down the other side, What should I do?

redden 07-20-2002 12:31 PM

shorten the rope?

scoot 07-20-2002 12:59 PM

Its already at like 60ft. how much shorter do u want me to make it. Plus i ride at like 18 to 20 mph so if i speed up any more my wake shrinks down to nothin. And iI cant add any more weight to my boat cause i'm at my limit as it is so I need to brush up on my technique but I dont know what I'm doin wrong.

tennyson0 07-20-2002 3:23 PM

The most important thing is standing tall. If you are taking a good cut and edging up the wake it seems like you need to get more pop. Try going up as well as across. The extra pop might be what your missing. Hope this helps.

sdboardr99 07-20-2002 7:36 PM

Depending on your height and weight, 18 may be too slow. My friend had a lot of problems clearing the wake until he finally let me speed up to 20 - 21 and now he clears it every time. It doesn't matter if the wake is big if you don't get enough air to clear it. Shorten the rope to 55' and once you can clear it at that length consistently then go back to 60'. <BR> <BR>And the advice that Chase gave is completely true, make sure you're getting a good pop. <BR>

scoot 07-21-2002 11:08 PM

Thats my whole problem though if I speed up my wake almost disapears.But I'll try it anyway. Thanks for the advice.

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