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pimpdaddygrady 07-19-2002 1:25 PM

i got the spin down pretty good but cant seem 2 ride away...i think i need sum more air but i cant seem 2 get much when im wrapped because it feels im too loose cutting into the wake. though i do get all the way around i still cant seem to ride away...i think im too far back. if theres n e body who can help, lemme know. i'd really appreciate it.

scoot 07-25-2002 11:04 AM

This dont answer your question but what does wrapped mean? P.S. what trick is also called a KGB?

pimpdaddygrady 07-25-2002 8:39 PM

wrapped is when u pull the handle behind ur back and hold on to the rope (i.e. braid or small handle) with ur front hand and hold the handle with ur back hand. this eliminates the need for handle passing when doin spins and inverts and stuff.

wakeboard_joe 07-26-2002 9:02 PM

are you doing wrapped 3s heelside or toeside <BR>i used to do wrapped but i realized toeside 3s are much easier, and the handle pass isn't necessary till the end, or thats the way i did it, but give it a try if you are doing heelside wrapped 3s <BR> <BR>

pimpdaddygrady 07-28-2002 8:30 PM

im doin em heelside cuz i still dont feel too comfortable w/ my toeside airs...but thanx i'll try it.

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