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kel_dub 02-04-2006 6:28 PM

First time i heard about the program was in one of last years Wakeboarding mag articles about colleges. Ever since i have been curious about the program. I have visited the campus and it seems to be a cool place. Anyone who is/was on the team or knows anything about it, give me some feed back. Thanks

02-05-2006 10:27 PM

Hey Kellen, <BR> <BR>We have a solid and well-funded program that has been getting bigger and bigger every year thanks to our school, sponsors and all of the hardworking people in the team/club. Our team (which you have to try out for) is ranked 3rd in the collegiate league and we try to make it to every league tournament in the nation. Even if you're not at that competitive level yet we have a ride program that gives people at any skill level a chance to get out there and ride behind our new Calabria Pro-V, and we even have gear for you to use if you don't have any. We also do a couple of team trips and events which have been a good time in the past. If you have any questions you can email me at <a href="mailto:captains@ridelbsu.com">captains@ridel bsu.com</a> <BR> <BR>Jeremy Fishel <BR>LBSU Wakeboard Team Captain

kel_dub 02-05-2006 11:23 PM

Cool man sounds awesome. I'd love to go to Long Beach and ride on the team but getting accepted and getting the funds is a whole different story. What all is required or looked for in a rider to be on the team? Thanks

travis_briscoe 02-12-2006 8:50 PM

Hey Kellen, <BR> I ride for Long Beach, it's a good deal. For the team, we are mainly looking for a rider who has basic inverts (backrolls, tannys, ts rolls, crows....ect), and at least a 3 (preferably more than 1). Basically we are looking for a rider with a solid base, so future learning will come easier. <BR> <BR>The riding situation is great as well- we ride at the marine stadium (the x-games place) about 2 miles from school. and as Jeremy mentioned above a brand new calabria pro-v. <BR> <BR>This is my second semester here, and its been a great experience so far. <BR> <BR>Definitely look into it as much as possible.

kel_dub 02-14-2006 12:28 PM

Wow sounds great. Ill keep in touch as the time comes closer. Thanks for the response.

06-05-2006 7:01 PM

Jeremy, <BR>I was wondering if you could tell me about the girls on the team, their riding abilities, and the level of competition? I'm a senior now and im trying to pick a good college (lbsu) but i dont want to leave my wakeboarding behind! haha <BR>thanks so much <BR>Lauren

daneburgandy 06-06-2006 12:20 PM

hey i just moved to hollywood to go to CSU LA but i would love to come try out for the team or ride with you guys i can always pitch mad gas money...my names dane by the way..my aim is daneburgandy

06-07-2006 8:26 PM

Lauren: There really aren't that many girls in the collegiate scene, so all that are down to compete are welcome. If you are willing to progress and take a couple of hard falls, you are on the team. For the guys out there reading this, there is a little more competition, so get practicing. <BR> <BR>Dane: If you sign up on our website (which needs some work, but you can still sign up) you'll get emails from us about when we practice. You don't have to go to our school to come out. You just have to put in for gas money.

daneburgandy 06-11-2006 12:26 PM

Alrighty I signed up tell me when we're riding haha

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