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01-31-2006 7:24 AM

I have tried them a couple of times but cant get the hang of them. Everyone keeps telling that i am flipping straight back but then dont tell me how to do it instead. help?

dan_forrest 01-31-2006 11:22 AM

The only advice I can give is make sure you have your w2w jumps good and consistent and are getting that "pop" that we all talk about. Hit that wake with as much edge as you can, and at the top of the wake look over your right shoulder if goofy or left if regular and let that board follow that rotation. Hold the handle close to your body to keep the line nice and tight. Fight the urge to close your eyes and spot that landing. I'm no pro but this helped me. Good luck and keep us posted!

02-01-2006 9:12 AM


02-05-2006 8:16 AM

Hey... I'm trying out the backroll too.. been thru your phase.. I've completed the rotation and landed but still fall face flat...This is wat my instructor told me. As you edge up the wake do not think about performing the backroll.. do a normal wakejump.. pop first.. then look up and over your leading shoulder. Wat will happen is that the rest of your body will follow thru.. and you will complete the rotation.. as for the landing.. well.. I haven't got that part right yet.. hehe...hope this helps a bit..

02-07-2006 9:15 AM

awesome i will try that. i appreciate it.

stepintoliquid 02-15-2006 10:36 AM

There are two ways to throw it. You can throw your head towards the tail of your board, (putting your head on your shoulder like you hold a phone with no hands.) Or throw the board up and away from the boat. I went with the throw the board method and it works for me.

will5150 02-16-2006 9:55 AM

I like the "hold the phone with your shoulder" idea Very good visual!I also set up looking at the wake and edge away from the boat. When I miss this trick, it's usually because I came off my edge at the wake. If you edge away and through the wake, the roll will through you. I think in "the book" they say this trick throws you, instead of you throwing the trick. My problem has been over-rotation- I need to move the handle toward my lead hip as I land or else I keep rotating and fall over sideways. This is a fun trick.

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