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newmy79 01-25-2006 8:33 AM

I have a video on my Finepix camera that I want to take a still from a frame, but I have no clue how I can go about this..Can someone give me suggestions as to what software program I can use to edit some video (simple, easy and user friendly as I am just a beginner with this)? I would really appreciate it.. <BR> <BR>Thank you <BR> <BR>Justin

newmy79 01-25-2006 8:45 AM

ah NVM..I answered my own question, or I mean someone else did, I just searched below in the earlier threads..I'll try Windows Movie Maker.. <BR> <BR>Any other suggestions are still appreciated..Sorry this was a dup. post..

getsome137 02-04-2006 3:52 PM

hey man definitely try Pinacle Video Editor....I have never used anything easier...its amazing

elduche 02-05-2006 12:39 AM

I use Videowave 7 and have had no complaints...

nautiquerider27 02-16-2006 9:10 AM

adobe premier pro

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