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lyle 01-10-2006 7:21 AM

I am wanting to make a semi transparent symbol at the bottom corner of my vid, this video has one at the top corner but that is the same thing I am wanting. <a href="http://www.wakepics.com/view_single.php/SNAFU-Video-Teaser_1136902015_wakeboarding-photo-image-video.html?medid=17525" target="_blank">http://www.wakepics.com/view_single.php/SNAFU-Video-Teaser_1136902015_wakeboarding-photo-image-video.html?medid=17525</a> <BR>I am using premiere 1.5 if that helps any, I just was wondering what it is called and possibly how to make it, I know how to overlay it on the video just need to figure how to make the semi transparent symbol. Thanks

01-10-2006 8:34 AM

its called a watermark or bug. heres a tutorial on how to do it. <a href="http://www.wrigleyvideo.com/videotutorial/tutdes_bug.htm" target="_blank">http://www.wrigleyvideo.com/videotutorial/tutdes_bug.htm</a> <BR> <BR>the tutorial is for premiere 6.0, but you will just have to adapt it to premiere pro

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