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griffdizzle 07-10-2002 6:32 PM

whenever i try and do a tantrum i always end up doing a 180 at about the middle (possibly on the way down) of the flip. i have come dangerously close to landing this but i want to know if anyone has had the same problem because i dont mean to do a 180 its just natural i guess. i think if i didnt throw a 180 in there i would have more success landing in my regular position. any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

tennyson0 07-10-2002 9:07 PM

Are you landing like in a blind 180 or a regular 180? My buddy was having this problem with turning to blind and was landing awfully hard on his knee. This was being caused by his looking over his rear shoulder to initiate his flip instead of waiting for the pop of the wake and looking up and back. Try pointing your chest directly at the sky and keep your head straight. This will also make it easier for you to spot the landing. Hope this helps. Good luck!

griffdizzle 07-10-2002 10:04 PM

no i am doing a frontside 180, but i will try pointing my chest at the sky, thanks

msutton 07-11-2002 7:37 AM

I did this when I was trying the trick without letting go with my back hand. Are you letting go?

griffdizzle 07-11-2002 10:27 AM

yes i let go with my back hand, maybe i need to square up to the wake more?

todd_g 07-17-2002 11:44 PM

also think about being parallel to the wake when you go off of it, and make sure you get your back hand behind you this really helps.

griffdizzle 07-27-2002 4:59 PM

i am finally throwing the tantrum without the 180, and it was darn hard too. i found out that upon take off i would always look over my front shoulder to spot my landing instead of looking straight back, this and the fact that i would reach for the handle with my back hand in mid-air caused me to do a frontside 180. i had to really focus on keeping my hand back (thanks todd) and my head straight. so if anyone else is having this problem, then those pointers should help a lot. later, griff

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