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01-04-2006 8:38 AM

am know for 2 years a wakeboarder. i can do a few tricks: ts 180, hs 180, 180 to blind , and i few 180's with grabs , hs 360, and i can land a ts 540 on the cable because i am a cable rider but what is the next trick for me to learn. am i know ready for inverts? <BR> <BR>mike <BR>

big_b 01-05-2006 12:16 PM

yeah start working on the backroll

01-06-2006 6:48 AM

i don't get any air when im go faster and faster <BR>what can i do to get some air? <BR>

02-15-2006 6:47 AM

you defentlly should try some inverts. An easy way to start trying tantrums is to cut into the wake, totally let go of the handle and throw a back flip like on a tramp. With out the handle you can get the feel of going upside down and usually not crash too hard.

greenpinky 02-15-2006 7:54 AM

Kyle, you just joined wakeworld today? I would have thought you'd be on here regularly. <BR> <BR>You comin back to Kirk's (School Bus) again this summer?

02-15-2006 9:22 AM

Mike, yeah i just got a lap top so i'm able to get the internet now. I'm defentlly gonna come back to krik's this summer. What are you up to this winter?

greenpinky 02-17-2006 4:12 AM

Not doing a whole lot. Just some snowboarding with the guys from Phatwakes here in Wasaga Beach. Other than that, just counting the days till we drop the boat in the river. <BR> <BR>Good to see you on wakeworld.

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