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wakeballer035 07-09-2002 9:41 PM

im really tryin to be able to get a lot of edge and be able to get sum air? how can i get enough air to be able to clear the wake?

atxwake 07-12-2002 2:43 PM

work on your edging. edge through the top of the wake, and stand tall when you come over the peak of the wake

07-19-2003 5:14 PM

yah you want to continualy edge harder and harder and when you get about 3 feet you stand up( u dont jump) and pull the hand towards your front hip, im a begginer 2 and i can jump w2w most of the time( but not all the time) so i might be mistaken. <BR> <BR> <BR>also do you bend your knees when you are making your cut if so how much do you bend them and when should begin to bend the and when should you stand up?}

07-20-2003 10:44 PM

Simple: Load the line more. To do this, use a progressive edging technique. Start gently and put more load on the line as you get closer to the wake, continuing to edge all the way through the wake. Try to enter the wake at as much of a perpendicular angle as you can. <BR> <BR>On the other hand, you could just add more weight to the boat to make a bigger wake and use a sloppy technique. <BR> <BR>

07-22-2003 6:25 AM

Coast back toward the wake. Let the rope gently pull you then: <BR> <BR>1. Drop your butt <BR>2. Drop your elbows to your side <BR>3. Hold your edge till you get to the top of the wake. <BR>4. Stand tall at takeoff. <BR> <BR>By the time you get to the wake, you will be at maximum speed, angle, and edge. You will sail. <BR> <BR>Easily said. <BR> <BR>Better keep a tight puul on the rope. If you let your hands drift away, you will crash hard. <BR>

08-31-2003 9:56 AM

At the wake dont jump stand tall! <BR> <BR>this means as you riding up the wake you want to resist the need to bend your legs and wobble over the wake. <BR>In the begining pushing off the wake is good. (push the wake firmly away from you.then hold that pos in the air.)

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