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sampsonite 01-02-2006 9:12 PM

what would be a good beginner shortboard? I am 6' 185 pounds

wakeguru 01-04-2006 8:37 AM

If you must have a shortboard, I would get a slightly bigger board that's a little thicker and wider so you can catch waves easier and have more stability. <BR> <BR>I'm thinking around 6'6" - 6'8", 20-21" wide and about 2 5/8" thick. <BR> <BR>If you're shopping on-line I can reccommend a shop in Florida that has new and used boards listed with pics.

sampsonite 01-04-2006 8:42 PM

Yeah that would be great... what is the site?

wakeguru 01-05-2006 6:59 AM

They also have used boards, but here is the direct link to the new boards: <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.surfstationstore.com/scripts/prodList.asp?idCategory=116" target="_blank">http://www.surfstationstore.com/scripts/prodList.asp?idCategory=116</a>

goatroper222000 01-08-2007 4:05 PM

just got a new, old board and need some info on it. Its gotta clark foam decal toward the tail, clark foam is pretty good from what i hear, and toward the nose it says "Go Surf" 3 times. any info would be greatly appreciated. thanx.

poon 01-08-2007 11:46 PM

Sam, are you just starting out or have you been surfing for a bit and switching to a shortboard?

surfnfury65 01-25-2007 2:29 PM

Josh, The Shapers name should be on the bottom of the board with its demensions and # etc. You can do an internet search using his name to find out who he shapes for. <BR>Wadd$

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