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3205lpv 12-28-2005 8:59 PM

I am a recrational skier i have been able to kick one ski off to salom, but never been able to get up on one ski. Is there a special trick to getting up on one ski? How do I go about doing it?

boarditup 12-29-2005 6:11 AM

Keep your butt low and back fairly straight. I always teach both feet on the ski. The trick is balance. You will be pulled over the front of the ski a bit - you have to resist back until the ski begins to plane. Then you slowly stand up. Takes about 3-5 seconds, depending upon boat. Use a wide ski for the first few attempts, then your regular ski. The wide ski makes it easier until you get the feel of it.

tacosupreme 12-29-2005 12:01 PM

Everybody has their own method. Karl's is a little different than mine. Find which one works best for you. <BR> <BR>Here's how I do it. I don't keep my back straight, I bend forward as far as I possibly can, my front knee is touching my chest. I bring my back foot up until I'm almost sitting on the back of the ski. Then I stretch my arms out as far as they will go. Then since I am left foot forward I have the rope on the right side of my ski so it wants to pull me over to the right so I lean a little to the left. <BR> <BR>The reason all that helps me is if I am stretched out as far as I can, all the power of the boat goes to the ski. If I have my back straight or my arms bent, when the boat pulls, it snaps me forward. But if you are stretched out, then you are like a solid object. <BR> <BR>When the boat starts to pull, push down on your back foot to get the ski to plow. It's kind of hard on your back and once you learn, you'll do it less and less so you don't wear out your back so fast but it really helps keep you stable when you are learning. After that, like Karl said wait a few seconds and slowly stand up. <BR> <BR>Wow that was long winded. I hope if helps. To make you feel better. It took me 13 tries before I figured out what works best for me. <BR> <BR>

mattbint 12-30-2005 4:29 PM

All good suggestions. Heres mine. <BR>Get a deep V handle for your rope. The handle has a large spot in it for your ski to go in. When the boat start pulling the rope will help keep your ski straight as you come up out of the water. With the traditional rope on either side of your ski, it tends to pull you one way or another. All ski school that teach beginners use these.The are available at any ski shop or Overtons. <BR>Matt

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