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whirlynuke02 12-21-2005 3:49 PM

why are people rating hyperlite as the best wakeskate team. all they have are grubb thomas and byerly, who are good but the integ and lf and maybe even gb teams are better in my opinion

notsobueno 12-21-2005 4:58 PM

maybe people still think GD is there. <BR>Lots of movement in the last few months by riders, even I still get confused.

partydock17 12-21-2005 7:01 PM

I think people are just clicking hyperlite because thats their favorite company and they proably dont realy know... <BR> <BR>I might be wrong though, I figure here are alot of people that actually have a clue though. <BR> <BR> <BR>Danny T. <BR><a href="http://WWW.OKCBoardShop.COM" target="_blank">WWW.OKCBoardShop.COM</a> <BR><a href="http://WWW.WakeboardOklahoma.COM" target="_blank">WWW.WakeboardOklahoma.COM</a>

dustin 12-21-2005 8:05 PM

yeah hyperlite doesnt have anything on cassette if you ask me.

pirate 12-22-2005 5:46 AM

The word Team and Wakeskate should never be used in the same sentence. We wakeskate because we wanted to be seen as individuals not judged has a whole. <BR> <BR>And can there really be a best ??? No one is the best. There are people who rip in all differnent areas of riding they may be the best in one area but no one Ownes wakeskating. <BR> <BR>I get what you'r all saying i just want to be difficult

whirlynuke02 12-22-2005 8:34 AM


dustin 12-23-2005 6:43 PM

In my opinion danny hampson owns it right now.

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