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gordon523 07-04-2002 8:28 PM

So what would be the best way for 360 last year i was doing them h/s f/s and i could spin a 540 easy everytime and land and ride to a sink but could never get a handel pass. i thought about trying a t/s b/s but i don't know. any one got any tips on the pass other then tuck it into the samll of your back and basic stuff like that?

obrienride16 07-04-2002 9:32 PM

just practice on land, like take you handle, tie to your bed-post or something, and keep it tight, lean away from it so there's some tension, and just spin and pass it, it should help some. it will just make the pass more natural if you do it enough

gordon523 07-04-2002 11:08 PM

David~ <BR>Well i have a handle tied to my tree out side and do some land and tramp sutff out there and it does help a bit but not enough i guess i can do like 720 handle passes on the tramp like nothing so do you or anyone else have any other ideas but thanx for the input

detonate69 07-09-2002 4:47 PM

I just started landing hs fs 3's this weekend. I had the spin for a while but was missing the handle just like you described. What you need to do is pull hard. the harder you pull the easier the handle pass is. This is from my experience and I landed 6 out of 8 3's this weekend. The only reason I didn't land The other 2 was because I didn't pull hard enough.

gordon523 07-09-2002 8:31 PM

well i head for the lake tomrrow so i will let you know how it goes

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