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showtime 12-08-2005 4:38 PM

Are there any tips for getting out of the water on a wakeskate?

notsobueno 12-08-2005 4:59 PM

Dock start <BR>or <BR>Lean back like on a wakeboard with your feet above the water, resting on the near edge of your skate. As soon as there is some tension in the rope, the skate will snap up against your feet. Adjust the board to your preference and have the driver hit it. Getting up from this point is just like on a wakeboard. Keep the knees bent until you are planing. <BR>or <BR>Place the board under your feet in the water perpendicular to the boat line. Once the boat begins to pull, slightly angle your feet upward at the ankle &amp; the boat should pull you right up and out and on top of the water. Again, keep the knees bent well until you are planing. <BR> <BR>Once you start skating, you may never wear bindings again...

showtime 12-08-2005 5:07 PM

thanks man

madmel 12-11-2005 3:13 PM

I tried wakeskating before I tried wakeboarding. I should have done it the other way round. However I personally found it easier learning to stand up leaning back in the water rather than a dock start. I now swap between wakeboarding and wakeskating to add variation.}}}

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