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rockitmakr 07-02-2002 8:01 PM

What is the best length for most tricks done @ 19 mph??

sdboardr99 07-02-2002 11:44 PM

depends on the boat, how it's weighted, how good you are, the type of tricks, how big you're taking them. <BR> <BR>If you subscribe to Wakeboarding magazine, they had a good article about rope length. You want to hit the wake where it's clean, so the rope length will be different for each boat. <BR> <BR>If you give us more info then maybe we can help. But on average, I'm guessing for you 55 - 60' since you're riding at a relatively slow speed. For example, I ride at 22 mph. Generally the faster you go the farther back on the wake it will start to wash out. <BR> <BR> <BR>(Message edited by sdboardr99 on July 02, 2002)

edward 07-03-2002 10:11 AM

when i don't have the weight in my boat then i ride at 19mph at 50feet or i speed it up to 21mph for 60feet. when i add at least 800lbs in the boat then i have to speed it up 1 to 2 mph to clean up the wake.

gordon523 07-04-2002 11:26 PM

ok so here is the best way to find the rope lenght no matter what skill level or how much weigh! get your bout up to the speed you want to ride at then take your rope and start letting some of it go into the water keep letting it out until the handle is about 2 1/2 to 3 feet infront of where the wake curls and get white washy and that is where you should be riden let me know how it goes

rockitmakr 07-07-2002 9:44 AM

Thanks for the help guys

si1ic0n3 07-20-2002 9:10 PM

I set my rope length to so i would meet the biggest part of the wake with my boat. The peak of the wake so to say

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