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wakeboarder84 12-05-2005 7:55 PM

whenever i do it, it feels weird. and i dont think im doing it right... anyone else the same way?

alanp 12-05-2005 8:45 PM

grant what are you talking about? wrapping in for a spin?

tings00 12-06-2005 9:03 AM

yeah, i feel the same way about wrapping up. its always feels like it is trying to pull me over. i loose all control and when i do jump i just go out of control.

12-12-2005 4:40 PM

Try pulling harder with your front hand and concentrate on doing a wake to wake jump first. Once you are in the air, then you let go off the small handle and let yourself unwind. What is most likely happening now is that you are throwing the trick too early and you are getting off balance, probably landing on your side. Take your time, keep your head and chin up, and have your eyes follow the horizon. I think learning a toeside 360 is easier, so you may want to start there. Good luck and if you have any other questions, please let me know. <BR>Sincerely, <BR>Ryan <BR>Launch Wakeboarding School

rivrrunr 01-05-2006 5:47 PM

hes right about the ts 3. its pretty easy wrapped because you dont have to think about the handle pass.just make sure youre in the air before you begin your rotation or it will throw tou off axis and that is tough to correct. G/L!

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