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11-30-2005 8:42 PM

We should get the college wakeboard teams together to talk about organizing an official college wakeboard league sometime soon. Anyone interested? I was thinking Vegas would be a good meeting spot... Feb or March or something around then. <BR> <BR>Just an idea right now, let me know what you guys think... <BR> <BR>Jeremy Fishel <BR>LBSU Wakeboard Club

trojanguy2885 12-01-2005 12:24 AM

USC is down for sure. Sounds like a good idea. <BR> <BR>Andy

stephan 12-12-2005 9:51 AM

Holy crap that sounds like a lot of trouble waiting to happen... CCAW will put it under review as we are currently rockin Mammoth.

andrew_moreton 12-12-2005 7:00 PM

SMU would be in. I don't think it would be too hard to get some people to go to Vegas for the weekend. We have set up a Texas league for the spring with 10 teams and I'll talk to the people in that to try to get Texas represented and also give some advice about setting up a nation-wide league. <BR> <BR>Andrew <BR>SMU Wakeboard Club President <BR>

cp3 12-16-2005 10:57 PM

Its worth a try. It would be awsome to have anything a Lake las Vegas because it is almost always glass. Lake Mead is good if the wind is down. I'm not sure what the water temp is in march. See about Boats of Nevada maybe sponsoring something. They are real nice, boatsofnevada.com. Not in college yet but would love to come.

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