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bendow 11-26-2005 5:31 PM

my gf had this camcorder laying around with no users manual. does anyone know if you can record video from the tape in the camcorder to the computer? the memory stick only records 15 sec of video. thanks in advance -ben

richd 11-26-2005 5:37 PM

It should have a firewire port on it. You'll need a firewire cable and a computer that suports firewire capture/editing. I believe iMovie on the MAC will work with digital 8 not sure on the PC. You should be able to download the manual in a pdf file on Sony's website.

bendow 11-26-2005 5:44 PM

ok, so I need firewire to put video on my pc? It wont work with USB?

richd 11-27-2005 4:22 PM

I doubt there's a USB port on a sony digital 8 camcorder.

flackpack 11-28-2005 2:28 PM

My Sony DV Handy cam has a USB and an iLink port. The USB port works fine, but I suggest you go to the sony support site and download the drivers. You can also get a copy of the manual from there. <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.sonydigital-link.com/DIME/camcorders/camcorders.asp?l=en" target="_blank">http://www.sonydigital-link.com/DIME/camcorders/camcorders.asp?l=en</a>

richd 11-29-2005 5:10 AM

Yep the manual is the way to go. I looked at few of them and it appears they are designed to stream video out the ilink port (sony's name for firewire) although perhaps the newer DV models that flack is referring to may work with the USB port as well.

bendow 11-29-2005 9:43 AM

I bought a firewire card for my PC yesterday. when I plug the camera into the PC via firewire it just freezes. I tried to capture from windows movie maker and sony vegas. both programs froze. I'm going to dl the drivers from the link flack posted (thanks) and hopefully that will solve the problem. also I don't know what setting to have the camera on when I plug it in. since I'm trying to get video from the tape should I have it on the camera or vcr setting?

bendow 12-01-2005 7:00 AM

the problem was I didn't have service pack 2 for windows...

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