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trojanguy2885 11-10-2005 8:15 PM

Does anyone out there go to USC? Seems like riders are in short supply at USC

trojanguy2885 11-11-2005 2:25 PM

Ok... <BR> then how do all the teams out there build a core group of riders. I know CCAW rolled hard to our event last Sunday, that was friggin awesome <BR>

stephan 11-14-2005 5:48 PM

Andy the way we did it is by stoking the passion in the masses. On September 5th, CCAW had 10 members, the officers who had a vision and various skills that would lead us in the right direction. We made decisions as a team and threw ourselves into it 100%. We put up a lot of $ to get it off the ground &amp; it has paid off. We now have over 140 members. <BR> <BR>Next we hit the town. SLO is small &amp; unique but we walked Farmer's Market in boardshorts &amp; vests, while toting boards and passed out flyers. We passed out flyers to anyone who would listen. Then we had boats at Farmer's and just spread the word. Our club is cheap to join &amp; we do all kinds of fun events. We schedule day trips where we take over 60 riders out in a day and we do "Learn to Ride" days. We also do random off the water fun stuff. Anyhow thats how CCAW got rolling. We are also incredibly supportive of our members &amp; avoid being clique at all. Hence the random shouts of "CCAW!!!" every six minutes. Let us know if you have any other questions, you can also email our President Ryan at <a href="mailto:ryan@ccawakeboarders.com">ryan@ccawak eboarders.com</a> <BR> <BR>(Message edited by stephan on November 14, 2005)

trojanguy2885 11-15-2005 4:23 PM

Hey Stephan, <BR>thanks for the response, <BR>I was wondering how you are able to take 60 riders out in a day. We're always limited by the number of people that can come out be it because of rides, or just lack of time to get quality rides in. The most we ever had was 15, and that was a stretch, meaning Josh didn't get to ride. That might have killed it for those that only got a two minute ride in too. I think we gotta take the club off the water a bit too to build good relations, good point. <BR>Thanks again, CCAW has a sweet setup, something to aspire to. <BR>

stephan 11-17-2005 1:30 PM

The way we do it is we have boats at our disposal. Of our 10 officers we have 4 boats(all V-Drives except the DD Air Nautique). In the club I'd say there are about 5 other wakeboats including two 2005 VLX's. They are owned by students or their parents and they bring them to the Day Trips. Usually we have 3-6 boats on any given day, depending on how many people come out. We give the drivers a flat rate &amp; then $ for each rider pulled. It works out &amp; we have a great time.

rediro2h 11-17-2005 2:54 PM

Your vision for the club is the most important, everyone wants to be part of something and if you have a powerful vision that you stick to people will be attracted to whatever you do. <BR> <BR>You gotta get some boat drivers that are stoked on your vision and are willing to give up some time pulling people around the lake. There's a lot of money at USC, I'm sure there are tons of kids that are into riding and have mommy and daddy's boat at their disposal. That's what we did and we have nine boats in our club. <BR> <BR>Write up a 'marketing plan' type thing that specifies who you are, what you are doing, and what your vision for the club/sport is, then start marketing that vision to people on your campus. Email me if you want me to send you the most updated plan for CCAW. <BR> <BR>my email is above (in big heavy's post)

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