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tdk2828 06-30-2002 12:57 PM

i am trying to do a heelside, frontside 360 just off one wake. i get full rotation, its just my board seems to "slip" out from under me when i'm trying to land. any advice? thanks, rob

wakeryan 06-30-2002 2:50 PM

are you taking it wake to wake?

chrispy1 06-30-2002 4:40 PM

yeh that happens to me alot too. Just keep trying and try to stay more balanced.

tdk2828 06-30-2002 11:25 PM

only taking it off one wake, i land in the middle of the two, thanks for the advice chris, i'll keep trying

chrispy1 07-01-2002 5:26 AM

i know all about one wake jumps man. My wake is barely over ankle sized , so to make a wake to wake move i need to cut into it like shapiro.

edward 07-02-2002 7:27 AM

try taking it off the double up. it gives you more time to get balanced before you land.

jmccallum 07-31-2002 7:53 AM

I'm working my way up to this doing wake to wake heelside. But when I'm airborne the pull from the boat is so hard I'm afraid to pass the handle. <BR> <BR>What am I doing wrong?

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