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skidemon4 06-28-2002 11:15 AM

i've been trying to learn a tantrum and just can't seem to put everything together. either i get enough air and spin sideways, or i rotate right and don't get enough air and face plant. can anybody tell me what i am doing wrong??? this will be the first flip i've learned to do, so i'm also wondering if i should be trying a backroll or something else instead?

obrienride16 06-28-2002 11:26 AM

dude, try a backroll, they are really easy, just ride all the way up the wake, and throw the board out towards the other wake and you will be amazed at how easy this is. tantrums are much harder in my opinion

skidemon4 06-28-2002 1:17 PM

can you give me some more tips on this? after i throw the board, then what? i've seen it done before and i looked like you go under the rope. do i keep the rope at my waist? i tried it once and i flared out like a raley just before i smacked the water.

obrienride16 06-28-2002 1:28 PM

its a hard move to explain, <a href="http://www.wakeboarder.com" target=_top>http://www.wakeboarder.com</a> has some videos and tips you might want to check out, they can explain it better than i can

skidemon4 06-28-2002 1:44 PM

thanks for the tips man, i checked out that website and i think it will help. i'm going for it tonight. i'll let you know how it went. peace

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