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bigshow 11-03-2005 10:02 AM

Boat manufactures list a variety of basic boat specifications including overall length, beam (width), weight, fuel capacity, and so on. They’ve been listing this data for decades, right? This information helpful in a number of ways, length partly helps me classify the boat helping to compare offerings from different manufactures. I should probably compare a ~22ft boat from Malibu to a ~22 ft boat from MC, but not a 28 footer. <BR> <BR>Since there have been many boat configuration changes in the last decade, especially with the onset of wakeboarding, shouldn’t manufactures provide more information which will be even more helpful. I keep seeing posts for 7 foot garage height, one today for instance. What additional specs should manufactures post? Here’s my list: <BR> <BR>Dry Weight – the weight of the boat that manufactures currently list <BR>Max Dry Weight - with max engine and options – large engine weigh more don’t they? <BR>On Trailer Weight – How many posts go like “is my tow vehicle big enough?” <BR>Ballast Weight – Not all manufactures seem to post this information. If you’re going to try observe Coast Guard weight requirements how can you do this without the ballast weight? (OK nobody on this web site is going to remove ballast if they go over the limit, but that’s not my point). <BR> <BR>Trailer and Boat Length – trailer, tongue, deck, and all <BR>Boat Length – boat and removable swim deck – <BR>Storage Length – with trailer tongue folded back and swim deck removed - usually what posted now <BR> <BR>On Trailer Folded Height – Tower folded down – will it fit under my garage door? <BR>On Trailer Windshield Height – to the windshield – If I pull my tower, now will it fit under the garage door <BR>On Trailer Tower Height – Tower up – Needed for low clearance hazards <BR> <BR>Beam (Width) – how wide is the boat – normally listed <BR>Trailer width – Will the boat and trailer clear the sides of my garage door? <BR> <BR>Volume - A defined garage volume or drawing showing minimum garage/storage requirements. <BR> <BR>What’s on your list? <BR>

jamie_lamar 11-03-2005 11:43 AM

Maybe average MPG while surfing??? <BR> <BR>(Message edited by jamie_lamar on November 03, 2005)

madchild1 11-03-2005 12:42 PM

<b>Maybe average MPG while surfing??? </b> <BR> <BR>NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THAT!!!!! <BR> <BR>it just hurts too much.

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