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sangerlover 10-29-2005 2:22 PM

Anybody have any luck using wheelchair batteries for the 2nd battery ? Guy at work said they are a little less expensive and last longer than most deep cycles . On line for about $100.00 .

chas 10-29-2005 2:41 PM

we use the MK Power Cells and they seem to work out very well. I would recomend running all the same batteries for even charge and discharge rate.

rodmcinnis 11-03-2005 2:05 PM

The best bang for the buck are the "T-105" size golf cart batteries. It takes two, wired in series but they give you the most amp-hours per dollar of anything else I have found.

acurtis_ttu 11-03-2005 2:36 PM

Rod, can the t-105's start a motor? or do they not have enough cranking amps?

rodmcinnis 11-04-2005 2:22 PM

Yes, they would start the boat no problem. <BR> <BR>

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