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10-28-2005 5:36 PM

this is my second year riding.. i can do some 180s and 360s. i have decided to try some inverts now. should i do a backroll? is it the easiest invert. how do i get over the fear of doing an invert?? <BR>also i have an 06 malibu vlx to ride behind

livigno 10-30-2005 1:11 PM

The back roll would be a good choice for your first invert. If you can pull 3s you should also be able to get the back roll down. Just get a good instructional video/DVD like The Book or Waketrix, where they really break the trick down into its essential parts. Like you have to be able to set a progressive edge and stand tall for your take off. It will probably take you some time to learn the back roll, but it's well worth it, because this trick feels really great and it looks good too. The wipeouts aren't that bad. Just try one after watching an instructional and following the steps in your head. You'll see that the falls are no worse than a 180 gone wrong, just a little different. And dude, with this kind of boat you have the best wake to learn new tricks anyway!

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