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260searay 10-28-2005 5:13 PM

I just got the series today and so far it is awesome. I wish it wasnt winter now so i could go learn more. Now that i watch this i can see i skipped a lot. Before i learn a grab or 180 it looks like i will do some good drills. I suck bad at switch it just feels weird and i cant even track straight, so the 2 and 4 minute drills in the video look like great practice.

dudeman 10-28-2005 6:02 PM

Dude if you can nail that on Lake Erie, you the man.

260searay 10-28-2005 6:13 PM

Do what on lake erie? Anything basically? Yeah lake erie is pretty rough, but in my profile pic it is a good day so it does happen sometimes.

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