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eubanks01 10-27-2005 7:27 AM

The Butter Effect or Such is Life? <BR> <BR>-Thanks

sanger215guy 10-27-2005 7:42 AM

Haven't seen Such is Life, but Butter Effect is one of the better ones to come out in a while.

innov8 10-27-2005 7:52 AM

The Butter Effect!! Adkison rips in the vid.

big_b 10-28-2005 10:23 AM

i havent seen those but if you havent got it already, definitely get retrospect

blake_hughes 10-28-2005 10:45 AM

Butter Effect gets my vote... It's just as good as Relentless. <BR> <BR>-Blake

oldguy 10-28-2005 11:35 AM

Pick Butter Effect over Such is Life

tshmitty 10-28-2005 12:54 PM

Buy Butter Effect. I was not impressed with Such is Life at all.

wakeboardn4life 10-28-2005 2:14 PM

get The Butter Effect way better than Such is Life

dcervenka 10-28-2005 2:29 PM

Chris/Clay - I haven't seen "SIL", but just curious as to why you guys didn't like it as much? <BR> <BR>I already have BE, but was looking to pick up SIL.. <BR> <BR>Thanks <BR> <BR>

innov8 10-29-2005 7:13 AM

SIL is a sick vid as well IMO. People are saying they did not like all the skateboard footage, but I think its sweet! Shawn White tears it up on a half pipe. IMO there is alot of good wakeboarding footage <BR>how could it not be good with the likes of Keith Lyman, Danny Hampson, Nunn, Byerly,Soven,Weatherall, Grub, Greenwood, ECT. Its sick IMO, just not as good as Butter Effect. But not to many are.

dcervenka 10-29-2005 10:17 AM

Shawn White is in the video...? the kid rips on a skateboard and snowboard, but that is random to have him in a wakeboard video. <BR>

jcv 10-29-2005 10:43 AM

someone needs to strap shaun white to a wakeboard and see what he can do. if it's a board, chances are he can ride it.

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