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wakeking933 10-26-2005 1:35 PM

i'm going on vacation and want to take my board on the plane is there a chaep way to do this w/out damage or buying a board bag?

jarrod 10-26-2005 1:57 PM

you'll need a board bag. But, you can buy pipe insulation (foam padding) at any hardware store to protect the edges.

spoonman 10-26-2005 2:06 PM

Watch out, depending on which airline they can charge you to check board.United is 80$ each way.Put it in a soft golf bag one tahat says a golf company name on it no charge forchecking golf clubs.

madchild1 10-26-2005 2:08 PM

you might try fedex-ing it to your destination. <BR> <BR>my parents did that one time when they went on vacation and bought a ton of stuff.

teamvaldez 10-26-2005 2:13 PM

HI Corey!! We usually fly with Delta. When they ask you what it is, you need to say "water ski equipment" If you say the word "board" they will think that it is a surfboard and they DO charge the $80.00 (each way) Whatever you do, do NOT say the word BOARD. You shouldn't have a problem.

dmcguirt23 10-26-2005 2:32 PM

yeah, i think it's shannon best's board company that makes a kiteboard bag the says Best Golf on the side of it, it kind of looks like a golf bag too so you dont get charged the 70 or 80 bucks to check it. Also, this is what happens when you DONT bag your board. The guy i bought my Subjekt from had flown with his up to Canada and it got dropped by airport employees, so the two tips on one of the ends were cracked when i got it, but it still rides fine because he glued the cracks back before he rode it again. moral of the story, Buy a Board Bag.

eternalshadow 10-26-2005 3:57 PM

I have a board bag that cost me $60, and both trips I've take to CA with Alakan/Horizon I've not been charged extra fees. My bag is on the medium padding side so I wrap my board in my sleeping bag, and place a foam piece on the tip tail, and widest part of the edge. 4 flights and it's done okay. Now if I could just not have customs check it every time and wreck my sleeping bag when the zip my board bag back up I'd be happier.

biz 10-26-2005 4:20 PM

I have never been charged for my Burton Snowboard bag (two boards w/ bindings). It is a heavy duty bag with wheels. You shouldn't have a problem.

sdub 10-26-2005 4:28 PM

I was thinking the same thing....never been charged when traveling with my snowboard.

tparider 10-26-2005 4:38 PM

I used a board bag on a recent trip and I think I know the secret to avoiding the fees: <BR> <BR>1) check the bag with the skycap and give him $5 <BR>2) if he asks (he asked me), tell him it's a trick ski <BR> <BR>no problems.

cubanismo 10-27-2005 10:43 AM

I always play the snowboard card and have never had a problem.

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