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wakeeater 06-26-2002 8:45 PM

getting a wakeskate need advice on boards how to ride and how to do tricks

wakeeater 06-27-2002 1:40 PM

really answer

arlanj 06-28-2002 7:23 AM

You will find the ride is squirrelly, compared to a wakeboard. Just learn to ride it. That will be enough. <BR> <BR>Not too bad to get up on, just pushes more water. Rest your heals on the board and when the boat moves the board will slap against your feet and you will go. <BR> <BR>We have only ridden ours for a short time and tricks are going to be difficult to learn. <BR> <BR>The last time I rode, I started to make a hard cut and the board slipped out from under me. When I surfaced I couldn't locate the board. After the rollers went away, I seen it about 100 feet away.

wakeeater 07-09-2002 7:26 PM

thanx. i hope that i will get my wakesk8 by this sunday otherwise i m gonna be pissed

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