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mtm_in_ky 10-24-2005 1:45 PM

My little boy learned to wakeboard this summer at the ripe old age of seven, and he loves it. He can cross both wakes and thinks he jumping one wake but I cant tell him that hes really not. He has really made me a proud Dad. Any how I told him Santa Clause might bring him his own board so I let him look at Hyperlites web site and hes dead set on the 125 State. I was just wondering if that board might be to agressive for him. He likes it because its orange like his KTM 50. Thanks for any info

phila 10-24-2005 6:33 PM

The board is designed for riders that have a weak t/s edge. My friend bought it as his first board and he does really good on it. I also ride it and I am advanced rider and I really like it. It`s defitely a good board for all levels.

mitchj 10-24-2005 6:36 PM

My ten year old went from a 119 Motive to a 127 Era with no problem sounds like he rides about the same as your son H29

jamie_lamar 10-25-2005 8:40 AM

For the little guys, the smaller &amp; lighter the better. HL makes a motive in 109 &amp; 119 for riders up to 105 on the 109 and 115lbs on the 119. Both boards will be more than enough to pop him right up, but will allow him to control it better so he can progress. My 7yr old is small and light and rides the 119, but Santa might bring a 109 so he can progress even more. <BR> <BR>This board is even better for the older guys, we have a 12yr old that has a 131, that will ride my sonís board when he is with us, and I also have a mom thatís over 120lbs that rides it also. <BR>

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