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ghostrider_2 10-23-2005 6:44 PM

Just wondering how many people switch in the winter to snowboarding from wakeboarding and to you see improvement in you riding for each?

mjmurphy53711 10-23-2005 6:57 PM

I snow ski, in the park. I definately start each wake/snow season better off for the latter. <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.wakecoupons.com" target="_blank">www.wakecoupons.com</a>

lastemperor 10-23-2005 10:58 PM

does skiing help much? i mean i can see for air sense and maybe balance with rails, but it's pretty different than wakeboarding. i'd think snowboarding would help a lot more

mjmurphy53711 10-24-2005 6:36 AM

not sure cause i dont board, but i definately think the air awareness of the bigger tables in the terrain park helped me a lot wakeboarding this year. <BR> <BR>

rootc 10-24-2005 8:29 AM

Jumping on a snowboard and jumping on a wakeboard are COMPLETELY different. Air awarness really only matters when your upside down or spinning. I don't do anthing updside down and not a lot of spinning on the snowboard. However, board control, and board awareness is greatly helped by snow boarding, especially in regards to riding switch. There is definately a strong crossover, but I think it's more board control then a sense of air awareness.

wes_can_riders 10-24-2005 8:39 AM

I live in prime snowboarding territory... Vancvouer BC Canada <BR> <BR>30 minutes from 3 local mountians... 2 hours from Whistler/blackcomb... 2 hours from Mnt. Baker Washington... 4 Hours from Big White, Sun Peaks or Silver Star <BR> <BR>

jetgofish 10-24-2005 9:36 AM

Root - I've heard this time and time again taht wakeboarding and snowboarding are completely different. Please in your own opinion explain this to me. I feel that the only difference between the two is in agreement with you air awareness and when you are wakeboarding you are being pulled by a boat where as snowboarding you are being pushed by gravity, board edging and control is similar between the two sports. <BR> <BR>I snowboard and yes I do find that when I come back from snowboarding my wakeboarding is better, I guess it helps that I brave the cold Delta temps also and wakeboard year round!

detonate69 10-24-2005 9:51 AM

To me theres one big difference between snowboarding and wakeboarding. Snowboarding your weight is slightly forward. Whereas wakeboarding your weight is slightly back. Jumping is completely different and so are rails. With no rope to balance off of it took me a while to get them down. <BR> <BR>Oh and yes it does help with your wakeboarding. It helps with balance and control, as well as keeping your "boarding" muscles in shape. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by detonate69 on October 24, 2005)

allen 10-24-2005 10:47 AM

I ski but I have Snowboarded a few times and "steering" a snowboard is completly different then "steering" a wakeboard. Snowboard you steer more with your back foot wakeboard you steer more front footed. Air sense might cross over but when I spin and roll on my skis it's different because there is no rope. So I guess because there is no rope I don't think snow and wake are simular at all. But muscle training could cross over I guess.

rdizzle 10-24-2005 11:10 AM

Allen Bischofberger (allen)- <BR>"Snowboard you steer more with your back foot wakeboard you steer more front footed" <BR> <BR>Its the other way around. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/crazy.gif" border=0>

wakestar8878 10-24-2005 11:15 AM

I agree with Allen. <BR> <BR>Snow boarding you put more weight forward or down hill, leaving your back free to pivot around and set your edge. <BR> <BR>Where as Wakeboarding your put more weight back, leaving your front foot free to set your edge and steer.

newmy79 10-24-2005 12:04 PM

i am in the process of prepping for the upcoming boarding season...i'm stoked about it, but also bummed becase i love being on the water..and i don't like being cold!! <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/proud.gif" border=0>

allen 10-24-2005 12:11 PM

I"m sticking with my original comment on steering "Snow" Back foot, "Wake" front Foot. <BR> I have never started a cut on my wakeboard with my back foot. But hey maybe I'm doing It all wrong.

joeshmoe 10-24-2005 12:24 PM

what root said, if you have any problem riding switch, snowboard goofy all winter and all your problems will go away, and i steer my snowboard with my back foot.

jetgofish 10-24-2005 12:50 PM

Now that I think about things you do steer with your back foot. Reason being, most of your weight is on your down hill or front foot, I use my back foot to lift and turn making my front foot stationary and the pivot point, much like the rope on the tower while wakeboarding. Now while wakeboarding I can't say that I use one vs. the other but rather both as a transition to start my edging ... I might use my back foot while popping off the wake or starting an ollie, but for stearing I use weight transition on my edging!

wakeslife 10-24-2005 1:54 PM

Another vote for "steering" with you back foot on a snowboard.

uppledup17 10-24-2005 1:59 PM

The problem I have is that I ride a wakeboard goofy normally and have a hard time still riding switch on a wakeboard. But when I snowboard, I ride normal and can't ride goofy(switch). I know it makes no sense that I can ride one board one way and the another switch but can't put them together.But than again I suck.

jay_j 10-24-2005 2:17 PM

I agree with allen! After wakeboarding, and being on the snow with him...... uh.... lets just say he knows what he's talking about. I still hate you AL

wakedad33 10-24-2005 2:24 PM

It deffenlty helps on the rails, after hiting the rails in the snowboard parks all winter and not hitting a water slider for 5 months it seems like a lot of the Northwest riders come out strong on the sliders in the spring.

big_ed_x2 10-24-2005 2:32 PM

When I first started I used to put more weight in the front foot but after 7-8 seasons of riding I got to say my riding changed and now I put more weight on the back foot,reason being is I ride in powder most of the time so riding got to change otherwise you can't go anywhere,you need to put almost all the weight on the back foot to get the nose of the board on top of the pow,now I kind of ride like that on hard packed as well and I got waaay more control steering puting my weight more on the back foot. <BR>I got to say after I got the basics down SB doesn't help WB it messes it up,as far as the muscles...they are different believe it or not.

denverd1 10-24-2005 2:43 PM

hmmm.. i guess i don't ride enough of that sick ass powder to have to lean back. another vote for snow - back foot. wake - edging &amp; front foot. Big Ed, i'm gonna hit you up for a snowboard spot this year!

big_ed_x2 10-24-2005 2:45 PM

Mammoth baby!!

big_ed_x2 10-24-2005 2:49 PM

and and I do agree with wake and front foot,snow and back foot but I just think people over do it with that leaning forward that's all.

rootc 10-24-2005 3:07 PM

Snowboarding and wakboarding: if you steer with a specific then you need to work on your fundamentals. <BR> <BR>Typically, on a snowboard you iniate your turn with your front foot, but its your lean that controls nearly all aspects of the turn. In wakeboarding a turn is initiated by handle position and edging. <BR> <BR>Snowboarding in powder is a lot different than on hardpack. Living in Michigan I don't know jack about boarding in powder. Statements above only apply to hardpack. <BR> <BR>Anyway, I notice the strong crossover in board control and board awareness. Catching an edge sucks in both snow and wake. Snowboarding really helps you learn to turn the board with out catching your edge. Also, snowboard don't have fins which forces you to use the edge. This really lends a hand to good wake form. With a snowboard you learn to distribute your weight farily evenly across both feet. This also helps to promote good wake form. Also, both sports require a similar forward backward style of balance. Practicing one doesn't necessarily help the other but does help your overall sense of balance, which is always a good thing. <BR> <BR>Jumping on a snowboard is way differnt then on a wakeboard. Snowboard you push off or ollie at the top of the ramp to jump. Wakeboarding you build tons of pressure during your cut then you stand tall to release the pressure at the peak of the wake. Snowboarding you have to be sure to not get kicked up in an ackward way because there is no rope to save your ass. In wakboarding a lot of moves are dervied from getting booted in an abnormal way and using the rope as a tool to control or initiate the trick. On the snow its huck and pray, especially if you go upside down. It's not nearly as easy to control the rotation of a flip without a rope.

big_ed_x2 10-24-2005 3:58 PM

I would say all in all that way a good description. <BR> <BR> <BR>Personally I have a bad day WB if I went SB.Going WB before going SB doesn't effect my riding.....go figure!

mjmurphy53711 10-24-2005 4:28 PM

big ed, what a dillema to have to choose from day to day! <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.wakecoupons.com" target="_blank">www.wakecoupons.com</a>

jetgofish 10-24-2005 4:37 PM

Mike, since Ed and I live blocks away we really don't have to make a day to day choice. I've snowboarded and wakeboarded all in the same day before! Nor California is great! In one weekend one can snowboard, wakeboard, skateboard, surf and Motor X .... not to mention kiteboarding and windsurfing should the winds be right!

byerly137pro 10-24-2005 5:07 PM

In snowboarding its a combination of both feet that help you turn. You need to have pressure on your front foot in order to have speed. Its the weight transfers that are key. You transfer weight from from front to back to initiate turns.

pittsy 10-24-2005 5:08 PM

i wakeboard all year..i love florida..

mike_baione 10-24-2005 6:09 PM

I was wakeboarded before i hit the snow.My first day out on the mountain was easy i rode all day no problem catching edges here and there. <BR> <BR>In comparison different in many ways but similar in the way of staying in shape, riding switch and most important freestyle park riding, when you get the nerve to hit tabletops at full speed to land in control on the downslope(all grabs are the same) and slide rails from beginning to end you are training yourself to make that wake approach for that backroll or big W2W with no fear. <BR> <BR>Set your snowboard bindings the same as your wakeboard and keep it wide. <BR> <BR>Dont forget helmet, back and coxic, knee and wrist protection(both sides). Wrist is important in half pipe. Dont forget ipod. <BR> <BR>Yup. <BR> <BR>

big_ed_x2 10-24-2005 8:09 PM

Mike ~ Yeah...decisions,decisions.<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/biggrin.gif" border=0>

liquidmx 10-24-2005 8:25 PM

From my experience, Wakeboarding helps my snowboard skills more than vice versa. When I get back to the snow I typically feel much more comfortable than my first set of the season behind the boat. I cannot really explain why its this way but I have noticed it and so have a few of my friends. I think part of it is the handle throws another issue into the equation; and spinning off edge seems a whole lot easier than spinning with the handle.

99xstar 10-25-2005 2:13 PM

Root is right on here. I have much more experience with snowboarding than wakeboarding and was waiting to basically say what he did about the front and back foot steering. Even if you disagree, give this a try this winter: <BR> <BR>While on your toe edge and ready to turn into your heal edge, lift your front toes first and follow with your back. Get a good pinch to your knees and feel the board do a little dance. Get back on your toes and repeat. You'll look like a little sperm sliding down the hill. <BR> <BR>If you limit your snowboard steering to your back foot, you'll just look like one of those snow pushers that thinks they're really carving. You'll know that you're using both feet if you're only making slits in the snow, with nothing getting pushed around between edges. <BR> <BR>I don't know if anyone cares about what I just said, but I needed to say it for me. <BR> <BR>Laters <BR> <BR>(Message edited by 99xstar on October 25, 2005)

jdaviso1 10-25-2005 3:51 PM

I think you guys are arguing very minor differences between the two. I would say anyone who is really good at one sport will pick-up the other very quickly. <BR> <BR>In fact, I would also add surfing and skating to the list. I grew up in SoCal surfing and skating. I learned to water-ski and snow ski before I learned to snowboard and wakeboard. Since I had a lot time with a skateboard and a surfboard under my feet, I picked snowboarding and wakeboarding fast. Snowboarding and wakeboarding still feel more natural to me than water-skiing and snow skiing, even though I've been doing the latter two sports for more years. <BR> <BR>Shaun White is a fine example of someone who mastered snowboarding and then did the same in skateboarding. Image what "The Egg" would do if we got him up behind a SAN! :D <BR> <BR>~J. <BR>

mjmurphy53711 10-25-2005 4:04 PM

isnt mammoth socal?

thane_dogg 10-25-2005 4:10 PM

Mammoth is only 5 hours from socal.

thane_dogg 10-25-2005 4:13 PM

<blockquote><hr size=0><!-quote-!><font size=1><b>quote:</b></font><p>By Matt (pittsy) on Monday, October 24, 2005 - 4:08 pm: <BR> <BR>i wakeboard all year..i love florida.. <BR> <BR><!-/quote-!><hr size=0></blockquote> <BR> <BR>You can do that in socal too, you just have to wear a drysuit....and then you can go snowboarding....in the same day.

gtroit 10-25-2005 7:30 PM

to bad we have record low temeperatures in florida right now and i dont wanna go out in 40 dgree weather, maybe im just spoiled

jdaviso1 10-25-2005 8:21 PM

Mammoth is not in SoCal! It's the closest major resort to SoCal, but it is located in central or northern cal. <BR> <BR>~J. <BR>

longlakemafia 10-27-2005 7:15 PM

true true to the skateboarding...im a lil diff than everyone...i wakeboard in the off season...snowboard is prime for me...and i would say that they go hand in hand quite a bit...but the one board sport that everyone should pick up is skateboarding...skatboarding adds MAD MAD MAD MAD style points to ridding...both snow and water...skateboarding you have to be loose and relax...and alot of other things that i cant really explain...all i know is that i use skateboarding for style and wakeboarding for awareness, controll, and trying new things...if i can do it on the water with a handel i can do it on the snow without one...but for real...SKATEBOARD

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