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wmk 10-21-2005 1:36 PM

Hoping to make it out tomorrow for the first time surfing behind my boat, but not really sure what kind of rope i need and where i might be able to buy one - does anyone have suggestions? <BR> <BR>Is this a specialty type item or will any marine store carry the shorter ropes?

goldmember 10-21-2005 3:40 PM

Buy a tournament ski rope. The multicolored one with lots of links. Just use the number of links you need to get it about 3 feet off the back of the boat. Straightline has it for about $35.

bigshow 10-21-2005 5:05 PM

I have a very fat knotted rope, with a tiny Tee handle. There are a number of specialty ropes, If you surf a lot I'd get one. You could get caught in the yoke of a traditional handle.

surfnfury65 10-21-2005 5:50 PM

This website has the the rope I bought. Great investment if you wake surf often. Once on the web site go to accessories. <BR><a href="http://www.lakeboard.com" target="_blank">www.lakeboard.com</a> <BR>Board More/Work Less! <BR>J$

niap101 10-21-2005 5:55 PM

Steve <BR>Go to the HowToWakeSurf site at <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.howtowakesurf.com/Rope_Handle.jsp" target="_blank">http://www.howtowakesurf.com/Rope_Handle.jsp</a> <BR> <BR>for an explanation about proper handle type and length rope. An improper handle and rope is the most dangerous thing you could do with wakesurfing. Set up properly, the rope will greatly assist your learning.

justsomeguy 10-21-2005 6:36 PM

"An improper handle and rope is the most dangerous thing you could do with wakesurfing." <BR> <BR>NO WAY! <BR> <BR>IT MUST BE A SWIM DECK START!!!!!!!!!!!!! <BR> <BR>(cue Chicken Little and sycophants)

dennish 10-21-2005 7:35 PM

Justsomeguy, <BR>So what in your humble opinion would the most dangerous thing you could do with wakesurfing?

mjmurphy53711 10-23-2005 6:49 PM

drink? <BR> <BR><a href="http://www.wakecoupons.com" target="_blank">www.wakecoupons.com</a>

justsomeguy 10-23-2005 7:05 PM

'So what in your humble opinion would the most dangerous thing you could do with wakesurfing?" <BR> <BR>Wakesurfing behind an outboard, wakesurfing behind an I/O, or passing out due to lack of oxygen because you are laughing too long and too hard while reading the confused rants of the Chicken Littles and they boy toys. <BR> <BR>Congrats on following your cue!

dennish 10-23-2005 7:36 PM

Wow. <BR>I am glad that something in the world might be dangerous while wakesurfing. At least we now know that if someone was to post a warning that riding behind a outboard might be dangerous. You would not belittle the poster as uninformed or misinformed. Really, your posts don't seem to offer any helpful information to people new to the sport and are looking for information. I would think that letting people know what could be dangerous or what might be illegal in many states can only serve the wakeworld community better than petty tirades and name calling will ever do. <BR>

justsomeguy 10-24-2005 8:52 AM

Dennis darling, <BR> <BR>Equating a swim deck start to teak surfing is idiotic. That's the basis for my joke post above. <BR> <BR>If that fact continues to cause you distress I would suggest either ignoring my posts, investing in a great deal of facial tissue, or both. <BR> <BR>Best of luck!

lilredrider 10-25-2005 9:46 PM

I went to Home Depot and bought 22 feet of 3/4 inch nylon rope and some foam pipe insulation. I made a noose for the pylon end and made some knots at various points along the rope. You can use thinner rope if you like. the foam pipe insulation was cut to 6 inch lengths and put around the rope at the end and in front of a second knot about 2 feet from the end to use as flotation and hand cushions for deep water starts. I also put knots in the proper places for a platform start. works great and cost about $22.

superhero_ken 10-27-2005 10:10 AM

Inland Surfer makes a great rope! <a href="http://www.inlandsurfer.com" target="_blank">www.inlandsurfer.com</a>

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