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bendow 10-18-2005 7:27 AM

cant decide between the 138 substance and 140 parks. what do you guys think?

crowmobe540 10-18-2005 7:48 AM

Please tell me that isn't the only boards you have ridden. Have you tried the CWB Absolute? More pop than both of those. Try it and let me know what you think!

bendow 10-18-2005 8:01 AM

I don't ever get the chance to demo boards. to be honest with you I haven't riden either of them. thats why I'm asking, I guess its kind of a gamble for me. I have a byerly 137 and want to try something different plus its getting destroyed on the sliders.

crowmobe540 10-18-2005 4:28 PM

I guess it just depends on what you want. Everytime I ride my absolute I like it better. One of my friends rode it...hated it...then found a board he loved. He was on the way to go buy it and I told him to ride my absolute one more time. He bought the absolute the next day. It is sick. It pops you up like no other and is still pretty fast. You have to figure out how to control the pop, but it definitely sits higher out of the water than the byerly, which would take some getting used too. That is my view. Take it as you wish

bendow 10-23-2005 8:23 AM

thanks jeremy, but the local shop Im buying my board from is giving me a deal on either the substance or the parks. I know a lot of you have riden both the substance and the parks please tell me what you think.

stephan 10-23-2005 7:38 PM

Of the two, I'd say go with the Substance. It is much more user friendly. If you have options I'd agree with Jeremy.

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