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hoosairboy 10-17-2005 6:40 AM

I heard the worlds were really cool. Six obstacles and built just for wakeskaters. Hair tore up the obstacles and hit a big spin to a back big spin and nearly landed the flip kick out of the pool.

hackopete 10-24-2005 2:28 AM

yep the worlds were awsome....... <BR> <BR>i was in charge of the wakeskating at the worlds so i can tell you everything about it. <BR> <BR>course: <BR>we had our own lake just for wakeskating. i rode the course after the wakeboarders set it up and changed a few things to make it skate friendly. we had 4 skate specific sliders in the course, thats not including the pool. the pool was a 40 foot long volcano made of dirt. they lined it with plastic and we ran a pump into it full time. the water level of the pool was between 2 and 3 feet higher than the lake level at each end was a rail going up into. or out of depending which way you hit it. <BR> <BR>schedual: <BR>thursday practice <BR>friday practice <BR>saturday practice <BR>sunday heats and finals <BR> <BR>some of the riders: <BR>austin hair rode great all weekend, then pulled out some tech at the end of his finals run. 1st <BR>jd webb..... oh my goodness, he was scared he was going to embarrass himself but he kicked ass. like really kicked ass. hit every slider and hit them well, style tech and quantity. <BR>parks is just a natural at anything on the water. he ollied into the pool, shuv onto the box. <BR>aarron rathy: his 1st practice run was killer. he did everything bar a flip trick. amazing to watch another natural <BR> <BR>results: i can remember, sorry <BR> <BR>hope you liked the event..... wish more people came. <BR> <BR><a href="mailto:peterstewart@bigpond.com">peterstewar t@bigpond.com</a>

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