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hyperlite1622 10-15-2005 3:01 PM

hey everyone i have an old waketech wakeboard and i was wonderin has anyone tryed to wakeskate on an old wakeboard cuz i have been wakeboaridng on my new hyperltie state for awhile and i wanan try someitn new any help?

wakeslife 10-15-2005 5:05 PM

What size is it??? The smaller the better, and the easier it would be to manuever. Just put some foam on the top and give it a try!

marshk344 10-15-2005 5:22 PM

i imagine it would work just fine...it will just be kinda big and harder to ollie with and spin

electricsnow 10-16-2005 8:51 AM

That's the way wakeskating began. Some people would cut the ends down and epoxy them shut. Others, like scott byerly, rode a full on 137 cm wakeboard as a wakeskate. <BR> <BR>So, yeah, you could use some surf wax, some grip tape, or any other sort of traction and give it a go.

ktmwakeboarder 10-20-2005 9:24 PM

Back in the day, we put some rubbery grip-tape from Home Depot onto our old Wake Tech BigAir (old skool directional). Was pretty fun to mess around with, but it is HUGE, and not much you can do with it. Getting both feet up to the nose was pretty sweet, something that is much harder with the tiny wakeskates now.

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