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airwarrior04 10-10-2005 3:31 PM

What are you guys using to shoot with both camera's and video camera's <BR> <BR>Zach

mattyboyr6 10-10-2005 6:24 PM

Photo: <BR>Canon 20D <BR>Canon 70-200f4, 70-200 f2.8 IS, Kit 18-55, 50mm f1.8 <BR>in a custom bag with camelback. <BR> <BR>Video: <BR>Panasonic AG DVC10Pro <BR>Some old Sony Hi8 and some S-VHS's <BR> <BR>Mainly the Panasonic as its 3CCD pro model. <BR> <BR> <BR>

Walt 10-12-2005 4:32 PM

Canon XT <BR>Canon 70-200L f/4 and 18-55 kit lens.

oldschoolripper 11-04-2005 9:57 AM

20D <BR>70-200 f2.8 L IS <BR>50 1.8 <BR>17-40 f4 L <BR>120-300 f2.8 Sigma <BR>1.4x extender (Kenko 300) <BR>Gmini 400 for in the boat CF upload <BR>adding soon: 1D Mark 2 &amp; H20 case <BR>

cali_rider 11-04-2005 10:10 AM

<BR>Video: <BR>Panasonic DVX100a <BR>Sony DVcam <BR> <BR>16 Film: <BR> <BR>Arri S <BR>Arri SR2 <BR>

dcervenka 11-04-2005 11:31 AM

DVX100a <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/87667/264492.jpg" alt=""> <BR> <BR>

toolfan 11-04-2005 11:47 AM

Video: <BR>Sony Z1 <BR>2 Lectrosonic UCR201 Wireless <BR>Audio-Technica AT897 Condenser Mic <BR>Vari-Zoom

isler 11-04-2005 2:13 PM

Cameras: <BR>Canon, Nikon, Horseman <BR>Lenses: Canon, Rodenstock <BR> <BR>DPC, love that DVX100a picture! Yours seems to be bigger, and more '80s styled, than the other ones I've seen. Where did you find such a gem?

dcervenka 11-04-2005 2:34 PM

Isler - Thanks..! I worked closely with Panasonic over the past 3 years to come up with that design. Its long sleek lines help with the erratic winds I encounter when filming from the boat. Not to mention all the attention I get from the chicks.. It has that 80's porn flare to it.. It's such a magnet, it's crazy! <BR> <BR>

twitch 11-04-2005 3:43 PM

dave how much does one of thoes cameras run ya? i want to be a PIMP like you with one of those <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/proud.gif" border=0>

scott_a 11-04-2005 4:14 PM

hah. i actually have one of those cameras in my closet at my parents house. i REEEEALLY wanna shoot some wake stuff with it just so i can say that i have. power supply issues are the only thing keeping me from using it<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/angry.gif" border=0> <BR> <BR>canon 10D <BR>canon XL-1 <BR>canon GL-1 <BR>bogen tripod w/ 501 head. <BR>extra glass and toys for each.

richd 11-04-2005 5:06 PM

A Canon 5D on the way. Made the mistake of looking through the VF on one the other day, that's all it took! <BR> <BR>A 24-105 f4 L IS too as soon they become available again to go along with what I've got: 70-200 f4L, Canon 15mm fish, 28-75 f2.8 Tamron, 100-400 L IS, 35mm Mamiya 645 MF on a Zork PSA - Canon mount. Gitzo CF1227 with BH3 and a Gitzo CF mono. <BR> <BR>Video: DVX100 and Sony PC101 in a Sony water housing.

mikeski 11-08-2005 11:05 AM

Nikon D50 <BR>18-70mm ED zoom (upgraded to standard lens from D70) <BR>70-210 F3.5 zoom Nikkor <BR> <BR>It's a fun camera

oldschoolripper 11-08-2005 7:09 PM

RD <BR>you camera monger... <BR> <BR>You know better than to look through the viewfinder of any of the NEW Canons what were you thinking MAN. Probably the same thing I was when I borrowed a 1DS MarkII for a few shots...... <BR>It was like the clouds parted and the angels started singing.

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