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krizzpy 06-22-2002 1:58 AM

Hey I just started wakeboarding like 2 weeks ago, and ive been 2 times a day every other day. The first 2 days i got the getting up on the board, and stabability but i cant seem to make it over the wake and im having trouble steering my board...I have a 2001 Freemotion swinger 143 w/sandel bindings, and I still cant seem to steer my board. If any of you could help me out at all that would be awsome, and try not to get mad at my stupidity, because I have no one to show me how or what im doing wrong, But I do have to say this is the best water sport ever!

atxwake 06-27-2002 9:14 AM

Aaron, go out and find "higher education" on video or dvd. It will show you everything you need. I picked up the dvd for about 30 bucks, best investment yet.

stevo 06-27-2002 7:50 PM

Aaron, I too am new to this so my learning is fresh in my head. Ride through the wake.... don't try to jump it, just stay on your edge. When you get to the top of the wake, stand up. This is where you get the "pop". Try to look at the other side of the wake to spot your landing. GOOD LUCK, and you'll get it soon.

msutton 06-27-2002 8:34 PM

Steering is all about body position and edge control. Make sure you are thinking about keeping feet, hips, and shoulders all in the same plane, with the handle by your lead hip. Then you can rock on the edges of the board to control where it goes. Don't think about relying on the fin to turn the board or that you can swing it around. You need to lean on your toe-side or heel-side edge to turn it. <BR> <BR>Hope this helps.

krizzpy 06-28-2002 1:30 AM

Thnks guys im gonna check into that dvd, and im going out tomorrow morning...or technicially today...thnks again.

jonhpk 07-13-2002 12:03 AM

i'll tell ya the higher ed vidio great investment the best is when i got CWB Mobe bindings 150 to 160ish lace up great support and mobility being lace up many riders can use them. <BR> <BR> the sandles suck!!!! if you like the way the sandles release your foot evert time you fall just don't cinch the mobes down tight. <BR> <BR>Jon

si1ic0n3 07-21-2002 5:33 PM

Does your board have fins on them. My friends had a board when they started out, and it didnt' have fins. They could not steer it very well at all. Fins are good for stability and control.

krizzpy 07-21-2002 10:26 PM

yea my board has fins.

jbt200 07-22-2002 2:24 PM

remember to keep your weight back... it will give u more control and stability

07-19-2003 5:05 PM

yah, mike said it right its all about body position. it takes a lil while to get used to(i having some trouble turning while riding fakie) <BR>do you have a problem goin straight cause i would always turn on my backside and couldnt turn toeside. just go with it and turn backside until your alway the way outside the wake and turn against the boat by leaning against the rope to get you used to turning. ps im so stoke i pulled my first w2w yesterday(my third time out). just be patient and and get a fell for the board

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