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wakeboard4568 06-21-2002 7:34 PM

Hey, I've got a nash cosmic airprofile 140 & I just got soem brand new bindings...Anyway, i watched Class in Session, & then went out to try the 180..I'm getting so frustrated beacuse i just can't get it!I know it's really important to learn because it leads up to alot of other things.I just cant seem to get my board to make the switch.It feels really heavy..Any help?

obrienride16 06-21-2002 7:40 PM

make sure, you keep the handle in close to your hip, as you should on any trick, and it helps if you even out your weight distribution, versus riding with alot of weight on your back foot, its easy, just go for it. but try bunny hop/ollie 180s, they're easier. (if you can ollie)

ladyboarder 06-21-2002 8:26 PM

Hey Elisabeth, check out <a href="http://www.ladyboarder.com" target=_top>www.ladyboarder.com</a> and click on the Surface Tricks link, or go to the tricks page and you'll see them. There is a description there of the surface 180. If you have anyquestions just send me an email at that address. <BR>Later <BR>Tiffanator <BR><a href="http://www.ladyboarder.com" target=_top>www.ladyboarder.com</a>

paulsmith 06-22-2002 5:21 PM

Elisabeth, have the driver slow the boat down to around 14 or 15 mph when you want to do your surface 180s. That will make it easier for the fin to break loose. <BR> <BR>Then, bend the knees and pull the handle in and toward the direction from which you want your back foot to come. Thus, if you are riding right foot forward, pull the handle in and to the left. As the board starts to cut loose, lean on your heels a little or you may faceplant. You may fall backward a few times getting the feel for it but better than faceplanting. <BR> <BR>If you want to 180 at a faster speed you need to first learn to Ollie, then try the Ollie 180s out in the flats. You might also try the 180 as you slowly go over the wake as that helps the fins cut loose as well. <BR> <BR>Good luck and let us know how it goes!

wakeboard4568 06-25-2002 3:41 PM

Hey guys, I took your advice on the 180. My only problem is when I get my board to switch to something that resembles a sideslide, i can't get it to switch all the way around to my opposite foot, but I'm gonna keep on trying &amp; i'll keep in touch. Thanks!<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/smile.gif" border=0>

paulsmith 06-25-2002 5:06 PM

Continue to push the handle toward the hip you want to become the lead hip. Or, let go of the handle with what is to become your trailing hand. <BR> <BR>Thus, if you are goofy (right foot forward), then push the handle toward your left hip and put a little more weight on your right foot. Or, let go with your right hand.

wakeboard4568 06-28-2002 1:42 PM

Hey guys. This next thing has nothing to do with the surface 180(which is coming along well thanks to your advice..but i thought you'd like to read it anyway.Shaun Murray &amp; the BYT finally arrived here in TN June 5. I got to the shop late to find out that he was out on the lake riding already. This wouldn't have been a problem except for it was about to really storm. So there i went with expired tags going 60mph across town to get there in time to meet him. Anyway, to make a long story short, we got there just in time. He was really nice &amp; I immediatly felt comfortable around him. He signed my wakeboard &amp; a shirt &amp; some posters &amp; some other stuff. It was so much fun. They even got some pics of me with him!They finally are posted on the third set of pictureson his update page....I'm the one in the black &amp; white striped shirt!HAha. Anyway, if the BYT comes to town, you should really go.. Elisabeth

cwshumsky 06-30-2002 6:45 AM

Elisabeth, try getting up riding goofy so you’ll get the feel, then switch to <BR>regular stance (cut way out… get some slack…180). also you might try letting <BR>go of the handle with the rear hand to straighten your form. <BR>happy face planting, cass

wakeboard4568 07-14-2002 2:36 PM

Cass, that sounds like some pretty good advice &amp; like it may actually help.I'll keep in touch! <BR> <BR> ElIsAbEtH

wakeboard4568 07-16-2002 7:30 PM

<b><font color="0077aa">HEY EVERYONE!It's 8:30 and I just got back from a day on the lake.I FINALLY got the 180!Thanks so mush for ALL your help! I'm really excited, &amp; i'm even gonna be in the Hyperlite tournament/tour . Its advertized for even beginners!:0)</font></b>

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