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ord27 10-01-2005 3:36 PM

I haven't found the right wake size and shape <BR>can someone help <BR>recommend balast bag sizes and placement

turbonine 10-03-2005 1:08 PM

This is for a standard rider with 5 in boat and 1 person surfing. <BR> <BR>Midship ballast 75 - 100% full. <BR>1 river <BR>2 people in observers seat <BR>2 people in back on, also on riders side <BR>and a have a 560lb HD fat sac filled about 60 70 % full situated halfway in walkway and halfway in rear seating floor area. <BR>Wedge down <BR>And speed is 9.5 10 mph according to PP <BR>We also make a gradual left turn if needed <BR> <BR>If riding goofy, just move the fat sac all the way into the rear seating area, so it is not in the walkway, and all passenger to the other side. <BR>

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