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lfrider10 06-20-2002 8:00 PM

I am wondering if the 2002 ultra-sucs r worth the extra hundred bux. I can get the 2001's for 150...and 2002's for 250......Wut should i go w/.......Also i was thinkin bout Belmont's, but they r a little pricy <BR> <BR>Thanks

obrienride16 06-20-2002 8:44 PM

the new 2002 LF footbeds are much nicer than the 2001s. id go with the 02

lfrider10 06-20-2002 9:11 PM

i am a little short on cash

obrienride16 06-20-2002 10:48 PM

if you can't afford 2002s, then why did you even ask??

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