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09-28-2005 11:44 AM

I've been reading some posts here on audio setups and I've been having a problem hearing my Deafcon V's at rope length. Hopeing I can get some helpful hints from any of you that might be able to help. Here is my setup, Cobalt 226, 800 CCA battery, 65 amp altenator, Kicker SX600.2 600 Watt RMS amp, Sony CDX-F7715X receiver, and Skylon Deafcon Vs. Running 2 Gauge for power and ground and 11 guage to the speakers. My amp settings are: gain range 2:1 (Kicker recommended this even though the receiver is supposed to provide 4 volts RCA output), gain 8, Lo-Pass Slope Off, Lo-Pass Freq 20325 HZ, Hi-Pass slope 12DB, Hi-Pass Freq 100HZ. Most of these settings came as a recommendation from Kicker Tech. I previously had a pair of Wake Audio Speakers but one side kept blowing so I went with Skylon. I've tested the amp to speaker voltage with a multi-meter and I'm only getting about 3 volts to the speakers. They are kinda loud but not enough to hear on the rope. I'm only about 50 feet back because that's the best wake behind my boat and Skylon is telling me I should be able to hear them great back there. I'm at the point where I'm thinking I've got an Amp problem but don't know enough about this stuff to be sure. <BR> <BR>Any help??? <BR> <BR>Thnks

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