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09-24-2005 6:52 PM

This Saturday, Oct. 1st, the University of Florida Wakeboard Club will be hosting the coolest event in the history of the world. Starting at 9am we will be having a two boats running riders up and down the lake for a chance to compete to have the most fun. Throughout the day, we will be having 5 live bands, a gargantuan slip n slide, lots of free food, drinks, videos, video games, giveaways, a bikini contest, a broadcast of the UF-Alabama game, and a sweet after party. Best of all, each school that comes is invited to put one rider in a double up contest pulled behind the Monster Tower Boat. The winner gets VIP passes to the Parks Bonifay Double or Nothing Contest and its after-party. This will happen in the afternoon probably around 2. If you want to ride outside the contest, you can throw down $15 for a pull and a t-shirt to help pay the bills. If you just want to come hang out, its free (but you can still buy a shirt or buy me a shot for my 21st birthday). We will keep going until 5 and then rest up for the long night. If you came last year, this year will be just like it but much much better. The competition is a very small part of the the event and the majority of the day will be spent just having fun and being entertained, so bring a crew. If your school is coming, if you could shoot an email to <a href="mailto:brandonsack@redbullu.com">brandonsack @redbullu.com</a> to let me know that would be fantabulous. Also, if you need a place to stay, let me know and I'll try and find somewhere for you. See you there!

09-24-2005 6:54 PM

Oh yeah, the event is at Lake Wauburg South Shore in Gainesville, FL. Go here <a href="http://www.recsports.ufl.edu/lake_directions.aspx" target="_blank">http://www.recsports.ufl.edu/lake_directions.aspx</a> for some basic directions, otherwise use mapquest and/or Rand McNally. That's it.

wakeriderixi 10-04-2005 4:44 PM

Big up to Silly Ho Hopkins on the win! &amp; a comfy floor to sleep on.

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