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09-22-2005 12:33 AM

We’re hosting a college students only wakeboard tournament in Long Beach, CA on October 8th and 9th at Marine Stadium (the same place the X-Games was held). The tournament will be open to any college students from any campus, even those without legitimate wakeboard teams or clubs. If you plan to attend you should let us know as soon as possible... The tournament is looking to be a big event and we are approaching the maximum number of riders we can handle for the weekend. Everyone entering the event will get a T-Shirt and we’re working on sponsors for free food and stuff like that. We’ll also make sure you are on the VIP list for the infamous Boardfest party we host with the snowboard team on campus every year. Alliance Wakeboard Magazine will be out there to cover the event..... you don’t want to read about it later and wishing that you were there. <BR> <BR>Sponsors for the tournament include: <BR>Calabria Wakeboard Boats, Watersports Warehouse, CWB Wakeboards, Alliance Wakeboard Magazine, Big Ass Wake, One West Clothing, Jet Pilot, Fly High Fat Sacs, SoBe Beverages, Rockstar Energy Drink <BR> <BR>More information on the tournament can be found at: <a href="http://www.ridelbsu.com/tourn.html" target="_blank">www.ridelbsu.com/tourn.html</a> <BR> <BR>Jeremy Fishel <BR>LBSU Wakeboard Team President

chadricko 10-05-2005 10:12 PM

Sacramento state's wakeboard team is on its way we got 7 people for sure, two girls and five guys and we are expecting to get two more girls from the team to come down later. but we are for sure comming! <BR> <BR>Chad McInnis <BR>CSUS Wakeboard team president

stephan 10-07-2005 5:40 PM

See you guys soon. The CCAW(Central Coast Association of Wakeboarders) from Cal Poly SLO is on it's way down. We are bringing about twenty of us and plan on repping &amp; having fun with all of you guys!!!

travis_briscoe 10-09-2005 9:44 PM

This weekend was a lot of fun, and it was great to meet all of you! Hopefully we will see most of you in florida at the end of the month. Later on guys and girls...

ldr 10-09-2005 11:24 PM

Go San Joaquin Delta College! Only two participants and a second place finish. Way to go Bro!

stephan 10-10-2005 10:26 AM

Matt your brother kills it! The event was fun as hell, although I'm sure everyone was sick of us. This was CCAW's first event ever &amp; since we've only been around for a few weeks we were stoked to be alongside the likes of UCF and ASU on the podium. Tied for second was sweet, the "Double Up Contest" decision maker was lame.

ldr 10-10-2005 2:39 PM

My Bad Kevin told me that they were tied for second when he left. Did the double up contest factor into the team standings? If it did I'm sure Delta dropped off. Oh well still representing for the "Delta" college and riding spot.

stephan 10-10-2005 4:26 PM

1st Place - UCF <BR>2nd Place - ASU <BR>2nd(3rd Place) - CCAW (Cal Poly SLO) <BR> <BR>What happened was I rode the D-Up as a demo and was just screwing around, not really trying. Then they go, oh two teams are tied for 2nd so this now means something. Then ASU did their thing. So we were tied with them and they beat us. Oh well, I probably couldn't beat Jimmy Wolfe but it would have been sweet to 1) Let me know before I rode &amp; 2) Have someone that can actually drive a double up. No worries though we were just stoked to be there &amp; have our team do as well as it did. I think Kevin got 2nd in Mens, but I don't think they were really in the running for overall. Tell your bro to come to Cal Poly after the JC, hehe. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by Stephan on October 10, 2005)

10-10-2005 10:38 PM

Using the double up as a runoff was the only thing we could think of. Sorry it came a little last minute, we were adding up the scores and found out about the tie while the double up thing was going on. CCAW is still number one in our books!!! The tournament was actually really close between the top 5 schools.

10-11-2005 1:09 AM

Here are the official results for the tournament: <BR> <BR>Team Scores: <BR>1st - University Central Florida <BR>Tied for 2nd - Arizona State University <BR>Tied for 2nd - Cal Poly SLO (CCAW) <BR>4th - Long Beach State <BR>5th – Rollins <BR>Congratulations to UCF for winning a sweet set of custom chrome edition Jack Racks from Big Ass Wake (<a href="http://www.bigasswake.com" target="_blank">www.bigasswake.com</a>) <BR> <BR>Men's Wakeboard: <BR>1 - Jeff McKee - Rollins <BR>2 - Kevin Bird - Delta <BR>3 - Jay Prock - UCF <BR>(East Coast - 2, West Coast - 1) <BR> <BR>Women's Wakeboard: <BR>1 - Julie Martinson - Cal Poly SLO <BR>2 - Kendra Robinson - LBSU <BR>3 - Katie Peters - Cal Poly SLO <BR>(East Coast - 0, West Coast - 3) <BR> <BR>Wakeskate: <BR>1 - Reed Watson - Mesa <BR>2 - Jeff McKee - Rollins <BR>3 - Jay Prock - UCF <BR>(East Coast - 2, West Coast - 1) <BR> <BR>East Coast vs. West Coast: <BR>East Coast - 4 <BR>West Coast - 5 <BR>(haha, take that Florida... just kidding you guys kick ass) <BR>We’ll have to run it again on the east coast for nationals to see what happens when we're on your side of the country <BR> <BR>Best Newcomer: Julie Martinson from Cal Poly SLO <BR>Winner of a brand new CWB Tattoo board with kick ass rocker graphics thanks to Steve Baits CWB (<a href="http://www.cwbwakeboards.com" target="_blank">www.cwbwakeboards.com</a>) <BR> <BR>Thanks to all of our sponsors (Watersports Warehouse, Calabria, Big Ass Wake, One West Clothing, CWB, Jet Pilot, Rockstar, Alliance Wakeboard Magazine and more...), Associated Students at LBSU, the city of Long Beach and most importantly our club/sports advisor on campus Rita Hayes. None of this would have been possible without all of your help. <BR> <BR>An even bigger thanks to all of the teams who came out for our tournament. We ended up with about 60 riders from 8 different schools. This was the first event our team has ever hosted and we were stoked on how well everything went. Hopefully most of you had a good time... Saturday night started off a little bad, and the cockroach hotel wasn’t too cool, but all in all I think it was a good weekend. <BR> <BR>See you guys in Florida at the end of the month or at the next event... <BR> <BR>Jeremy Fishel and the LBSU Wakeboard and Water-Ski Team

stephan 10-11-2005 2:58 AM

Seriously we had a great time. Julie "Little Homey" Martinson was stoked on her new board &amp; we are definately going to get her to lose the gloves, haha. Anyhow, thanks again guys it was awesome. CCAW!!!

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