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jdpritch89 06-19-2002 7:27 PM

i ride left foot forward, and everytime i edge into the wake for a raley i do nothing but a laid out roll. i read in a magazine that too many backroll attempts could cause a problem when trying to learn a raley. i can edge right and i get plenty of air, but my question is with my head. i automatically turn my head to my left...if i can find a way to look up i would have it. two weeks ago i was at OWC and was doing "zingers" (this is when you are on the cables at the dock). they hand you the rope and your standing as if you were going to do a dock start. as soon as the cable makes the turn try to sit down and you automatically throw a raley. i landed 5 or 6 of these. i can do those b/c i look up at the cable. any advice to get past the mental block of turning my head is greatly appreciated. sorry for the long post but i'm trying to get this before i go insane.

ladyboarder 06-19-2002 8:49 PM

Try looking at the top of the tower where the rope attaches. Just like you looked at the cable, look down the rope to the tower. Once you start to come down, spot your landing then get your eyes on the horizon where you are heading, this will keep your chest up so you don't catch your front edge. I have to concentrate hard on keeping my eyes on the tower. What I do is put them there right before I hit the wake, this also helps me ride all the way up the wake. I haven't landed a raley yet, but this is from experience of failed attempts, and what the instructors at WWC told me. <BR>Hope this helps. <BR>Later <BR>Tiffanator <BR><a href="http://www.ladyboarder.com" target=_top>www.ladyboarder.com</a>

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