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pittsy 09-20-2005 9:00 PM

does anyone have any advice for these..i am having trouble keeping the handle...i have the spin but i just lose the handle...

09-26-2005 6:01 PM

i havent quite made it to a 7 yet, but can you do a ts 5 with the handle pass at the end? getting the handle with both hands on the ts 5 and working on really late switch blind 180's should help you out... all theory though. its worth a shot right?

phil06140 10-01-2005 10:05 AM

my friend drove a dumper which helped me to get the last handle pass b/c there was less tension in the rope. i just landed it yesterday but had the same problem that you describe. on mine i think i landed blind with a handle pass right as i landed. with the dumper the last pass is much easier tho... hope this helps!

johnaulick 10-19-2005 8:08 PM

phildo your a badass <BR>

10-31-2005 1:44 AM

Yo, Matt, this is what I did. First of all I was taking them super big and huge off the double-up of my buddies huge boat. It was sick! Then instead of trying to take them to 1080 I just backed off and took it to 720. Its really the same feeling you know??? Its sorta like when you go bungie jumping that feeling you get you know? Well, I hope that helps. <BR> <BR>Good luck!!

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