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craiger 09-17-2005 9:36 PM

I am using Windows Movie Maker, and it automatically saves my projects as a wmv file. How do I change that to an avi file? Can I do it in Windows Movie Maker itself or do I just need to complete my project and then convert it to avi? How??

dcervenka 09-18-2005 12:38 AM

From Movie Maker do the following; <BR> <BR>1) Select <b>FILE</b> from the tool bar <BR>2) In the Movie Location prompt select <b>My Computer</b> <BR>3) Click the <b>NEXT</b> button <BR>4) Enter in the file name, location <BR>4) Click the <b>NEXT</b> button <BR>5) Select <b>Other settings</b> and select "<b><i>DV-AVI (NTSC)</i></b> <BR>

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