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al_d 09-17-2005 4:35 PM

I want to rent a lakeside cabin and I see lots of them for rent dock and all at Lake Almanor Ca. <BR> <BR>Is this a decent boat/ wakeboard lake in June/July? <BR> <BR>I've heard you want a spot in a protected cove becaus the wind will pick up at night and waves can swamp your boat.

norcalmalibu 09-17-2005 5:20 PM

its pretty cold and its always windy.

deltar 09-17-2005 6:21 PM

Al, each of the last two years we have spent a week at Almanor. Awesome lake. Get to the water early (no later than 9am) and you will be good for awhile. This year was windier than last. It's a great lake to wakeboard at, you won't be disappointed. We went in late August and the weather was fine, mid 80's everyday and the water temp is warm. Can't miss.

pittsy 09-17-2005 9:15 PM

al, i have a house on that lake and spend a majority of my summer there..its a good lake for boarding, but im spoiled cause i spend the other 9 months in florida riding on butter all day..if you get out early and go all the way around to the other side then it is good for a good amount of time..and yes this year was a lot windier than last year..i remember i wook up to white caps and went to bed to them for 2 days straight..that really sucked..so just give it a shot and then you can decide if you like it or not..

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